Upcoming 2 week trip: Climbing Kilimanjaro, Mountain gorillas, Masai Mara migration safari, Level 5 Nile rafting

My planned flights in East Africa
My planned flights in East Africa

Yes, I know I am crazy to even consider such a cramped itinerary in East Africa

My main goal is tick off my childhood dream of climbing Kilimanjaro. So, my optimized itinerary has 8 days 9 nights allocated to accomplish that, with leeway for missed connections.

The next 6 days are outlandish: hiking to see mountain gorillas (Rwanda), wildebeest migration in Masai Mara (Kenya), level 5 rafting on the Nile (Uganda). Of course, not everything runs according to schedule in Africa and flights can be missed; but keeping my fingers crossed. If I manage to pull it off, it would definitely be an epic trip kicking off four bucket list items.

I would love to hear your opinion about the itinerary. Any suggestions to improve it would be really appreciated.

Tentative itinerary

Day Plan
0 Arrive at Nairobi,Kenya and stay the night
1 Nairobi to Moshi, Tanzania by shuttle. Overnight at Moshi
2-8 7-day Kilimanjaro trek via the Machame route
8 Night flight to Kigali, Rwanda (via Nairobi). Reach Kigali ~midnight and stay overnight in Kigali
9 See the Genocide Memorial and drive to Virunga lodge. Overnight at Kinigi guesthouse, Ruhengeri,Rwanda
10 Hike up the Bishoke volcano to see the majestic mountain gorillas. Drive back to Kigali airport and catch red eye flight to Nairobi, Kenya
11 Early morning arrival in Nairobi, Kenya. Rent a 4*4 (with driver) and travel to Masai Mara National Park to see the spectacular wildebeest migration
12 Masai Mara game drive
13 Early morning game drive in Masai Mara and return to Nairobi airport. Late night flight to Entebbe, Uganda
14 Figure out how to get to Kampala, Uganda at 1AM. Catch shuttle to Jinja for level 5 rafting on Nile and back. Flight back to US at 1130PM

If any of you have done part of this trip, it would be great to hear your experience. I haven’t yet booked the car rental for Kigali, Masai Mara and Jinja. Would really appreciate any help with that. The Masai Mara trip is crazy expensive since I am going solo. Wish I could split the expense with some other travelers.

Look out for my trip report in 3 months 🙂



  1. The only thing on your planned trip I’ve done is safari in Masai Mara. One and a half days there is completely inadequate


    • @Alexis Totally agreed. The one full day and 2 half days I have there is inadequate. My plan is to return in a few years to Serengeti and Zanzibar for a 2 week trip. This trip, I am just taking a chance to experience the migration. Where did you stay in Masai Mara


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