Save upto 35% on Africa safari hotels and more. April 13 only.

What are you looking at? by Angik Sarkar on

I have written about my experience booking Masai Mara(Kenya) safaris. Safari lodging expenses burn the largest hole in the pocket, with expenses ranging from ~$200-$2000/night. Of course, you can stay outside the safari park to reduce your expenses. However, I would strongly suggest staying inside the park if you are flying halfway across the world to get there.

The deal

Every year, in spring, US Travel association organizes ‘Daily Getaways’ to sell various travel packages at a discount. Among other discounts, this year, they are offering a $1000 Expedia+ coupon for $650. This coupon can be used to book any of the 200000+ Expedia rate hotels. In most destinations, Expedia rarely offers the cheapest hotel prices and it may not be worthwhile to use the  coupon. However, in Masai Mara, I wasn’t able to undercut the prices by more than 10% unless I booked with some shady operators.

How do I get the deal?

Step 1: Check if the hotel you want to stay at is an Expedia rate hotel

Step 2: Check if the total price before taxes will be >$1000?

Step 3: Create Expedia+ account

Step 4: Click here to buy the voucher at 1PM EST on April 13.


In case these steps were confusing, let me walk you through the process with an example booking at Masai Mara, Kenya.

Step 1: Find Expedia Rate hotels

Notice the Expedia Rate highlighted in yellow

Step 2: Calculate total price

Calculate total price before taxes. In this example it is 373.81*3=USD 1121.43

Unless the total price >USD1000, the coupon/voucher would not be very useful.

Step 3: Open Expedia+ account if you haven’t already

Click HERE to sign up.

Step 4: Get lucky and buy the voucher

Vehemently refresh the deal page on April 13 from 12:59PM EST(Eastern Standard Time) or so and click “BUY NOW” as soon as it pops up. Good luck!

What the catch?

While the coupon can be of real value, I wouldn’t recommend buying the coupon speculatively. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

Expedia+coupon terms
Expedia+ coupon terms and conditions
  • You can only use the coupon for one hotel/vacation package reservation > USD1000.
  • If you have cancel for any reason, you lose the entire coupon value!
  • You can only use the coupon for the price before any taxes and fees.
  • You won’t be able to stack any other discounts/coupons.

Do I have to use it for an African safari? 

The coupon can be used for any Expedia rate hotel purchase. The ideal use for this coupon is for multi-day stay at expensive destinations where discounts are hard to come by except for non-refundble advance purchase rates. The typical uses for African safari lodges, hotels on expensive islands like Bora Bora (Tahiti) and so on.

Am I buying the coupon?

I don’t have plans for visiting any destinations with expensive lodging in the next one year. So, I’ll be skipping it this year.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I am missing something.


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