Three weeks in China: a suggested itinerary

China is a huge country. Way larger than the the lower 48 states of contiguous USA. Three weeks is peanuts for a country this size. The usual stops in China are Beijing , Xian, Shanghai. However, my parents wanted to see the famous Li River region immortalized on Chinese currency and the beautiful UNESCO heritage Jiuzhaigou national park. With a lot of help from Tripadvisor experts, I narrowed down a three week plan that covers most of the famous attractions.

Our 3 week China plan

Not so rushed 3 week trip to China

Day Lodging Attractions
1 Beijing Fly in to Beijing
2-5 Beijing Around Beijing
6 Datong Morning in Beijing. 4.5 hour bus to Datong
7 Night train to Pingyao Hanging Monastery and Buddha statue in Datong
8 Pingyao Pingyao Old town
9 Xi’an Early morning train to Xian
10 Xian Terracotta Warriors
11 Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Mid day flight to Jiuzhai
12 Jiuzhaigou Entire day in Jiuzhaigou National Park
13 Chengdu Huanglong National Park. Evening flight back to Chengdu
14 Yangshuo Morning visit to see pandas. Late afternoon flight to Guilin and Transfer to Yangshuo
15 Yangshuo Li River cruise
16 Yangshuo Rest
17 Dazhai Bus to Longshen rice terraces
18 Hangzhou Rice terraces in the morning. Flight to Hangzhou at night
19 Hangshuo Whole day in Hangzhou
20 Suzhou Night train/bus to Suzhou
21 Suzhou Day trip to Tongli
22 Shanghai Whole day suzhou, night train to Shanghai
23 Shanghai  entire day in shanghai
 24 fly out

Have you been to China? Any suggestions on improving our itinerary?


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